Outsourcing Services

Outsourcing of accounting, bookkeeping or GST functions

Are you facing high staff turnover problem in your accounts department? Have you ever wanted to spend more time away from your office with the high mountain paper works? This is where we here at GSMI can help. We are able to save your precious time and money through your outsourcing of any function in your accounts department to us.


GSMI experts can put you and your business at ease, worry free about your accounting functions. We take care of your financials or accounts department, you will have more time focusing on your core business and relax while knowing your paperwork is getting done in a timely, efficient and accurate manner. GSMI members have years of experience servicing businesses on bookkeeping, GST accounting, tax planning and auditing. Since GST imposed by Malaysian Government on 1 April 2015, we have successfully bridging many businesses into GST era.


We can work a few hours a week, a few days a week, monthly or quarterly basis – it all depends on your requirements. We can work with you right in the office or remotely.


You can choose to outsource any of the following service to us:




Type of Service Offer

General Descriptions of the Services Offer
1 Outsource your entire accounts department a
2 Outsource your GST function b
3 Outsource your entire accounts department and bookkeeping functions a & c
4 Outsource your bookkeeping function c

General Descriptions of the Services Offer

1. Outsource of accounts department – Periodic updates of your management accounts

We will do data entry and finalise your accounts on a periodic basis either on weekly, monthly or quarterly according to your requirements. Other than the periodic routine works on banks reconciliation, recurring journal entries and creditors’ reconciliation during the finalisation of accounts, we help you to take care of tax and GST planning before any report is submitted to relevant authorities. We ensure timely reporting on the management accounts for GST submission purpose.

We will customise certain key financial reports to help your financial updates and business decisions making. Those key reports will be generated as and when is required by you.

A final round review and recommendations on the annual management accounts will be carried out before the management accounts are submitted for audit or tax purpose. We will co-ordinate with your external auditors and tax agent


2. GST function – GST health check, submission and advisory

We help you to carry out a health check on GST before submission and consult on proper GST planning. We will assist you to process the GST return after checking and help submit GST return after your approval. We will also provide an on-going support on GST updates by Customs that are relevant to your business.


3. Bookkeeping function

We help you to manage the bookkeeping functions at office, branch office, sites or overseas using cloud technology. The bookkeeping functions include preparing invoice, payment vouchers, official receipts, updates your bank books etc. We maintain books, records and documents (except statutory records which are kept by your Company Secretarial) to ensure the compliance in accordance with the requirements of the relevant authorities for your behalf. We ensure the workflow processes of the bookkeeping are flow systematically to your accounts department for the compilation and finalisation of monthly accounts and GST submission purposes.


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