Tony Robbins Unleash the Power 2019

Accounts must be readable and understandable by Business Owner. It is a “Business Communication Language”.

We promote a new process of handling Accounts unto becoming a communication tool about your business and future prospect of it. We call it “Valued Accounts”. The core function of Valued Accounts is to drive Business to achieve GOALS!

Valued Accounts must be real time. It provides real time financials for various business planning and decision making, e.g. cash flow planning, corrective action, business reflection, tax planning and savings. Real time accounts incorporating with appropriate tax applications stimulate Valued Accounts. Valued Accounts leading business owners to generate profit and ultimately achieve goals.

Management Accountant produce management accounting; Financial Accountant produce financial accounting.

Brilliant Accountant produce Valued Accounting. GSMI train Brilliant Accountants for Business Owners to produce Valued Accounts. GSMI train Business Owners to understand how the Valued Accounts help your business to generate Profit and Cash Flows, and ultimately to achieve Goals.

A good accounting report (“Valued Accounts”) tells you what happenings in your business, so you are cleared about how to plan your cash flow, how to plan your business, how far the difference is compare to your goals, the corrective actions etc.